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Hobgoblins’ Pumpkin Pudding

Hobgoblins’ Pumpkin Pudding
Serves 6

A scrumptious chilled pumpkin dessert with a delicious orange and cinnamon flavour that will cool the hottest hobgoblin


one and a half pounds (675g) pumpkin

one and a half pounds (675g) granulated sugar

2 tsps. of powdered cinnamon

2 oranges

2 pints (1.2 litres) water

Cooking Instructions:

Put the coarsely chopped rind and juice of the 2 oranges in a 5 pint (3 litre) saucepan Add the water and boil until the orange rind is soft Add the sugar, pumpkin and powdered cinnamon then simmer until the pumpkin is soft. Remove and keep the pumpkin on one side, then continue boiling the rest of the ingredients until it is reduced to half, about 30 minutes. Return the pumpkin to the pan and simmer for about 5 minutes

Allow to cool then pour into a serving dish and refrigerate

Serve well chilled

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