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April Fools Carnival of the Recipes

April Fools Carnival of the Recipes

Today is April 1, 2007 and this April Fools Carnival of the Recipes comes with a special surprise.

The carnival is hosted at Blog of the Day Awards located at April Fools Day Carnival of the Recipes

Every participant in this week’s Carnival of the Recipes is hereby awarded the Blog of the Day Award for Today, April 1, 2007. To get the Award Code you can visit the Award Code Page

Blog of the Day Awards is a feature of Famous Quotes and presents daily awards for the best blogs submitted by visitors.

Some featured Recipes include:

Crock Pot Chicken Wild Rice Soup posted at Chicken Recipes
Tailgate Potato Salad posted at Famous Recipes
Huckleberry Merlot Sauce

Visit this week’s Carnival of the Recipes to see the dozens of deleicious recipes posted by participants.

Next Week’s Carnival will be hosted at Diabetic Recipes and will have a theme of both Diabetic Recipes and Easter Recipes.


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