Famous Recipes

Famous and not so famous recipes – who are you to decide? Who am I to decide?

Recipes Tried and True

SOUP Recipes


Cover a soup bone with water, and boil one hour. Add some cabbage and

onion (cut fine). Boil two hours longer. Add twelve ears of grated

sweet corn. Season to taste.

Diabetic Recipes


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Chicken and Chicken Dressing Recipes


Cut as for a stew. Skin the feet and place in the
bottom of a stew pan. Arrange the fowl on top, just cover with water,
and cook slowly until tender. Do not let the meat brown. Separate the
dark and light meat and throw away the feet, from which the gluten has
been extracted. Chop liver, skin, heart and gizzard fine. Add these
chopped giblets to a dressing of stale bread crumbs seasoned and
moistened with a little hot water and butter. Arrange the large pieces
of meat around the sides and bottom of a baking dish, alternating dark
and light, and fill alternately with dressing and chicken until the dish
is full. Remove the fat from the water in which the chicken was cooked,
heat boiling hot and pour over the chicken. Put into a press for several
hours and when cold slice.Chicken Recipes

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Free Recipes


Three pounds of lean veal chopped with one pound of raw salt pork;

three eggs, one pint of rolled cracker; one tablespoon of salt, one

tablespoon of pepper, one tablespoon of butter, a little sage; mix all

together; make into a loaf. Put one-half pint of water in roaster;

put in the loaf; sprinkle fine cracker crumbs over it, and some small

lumps of butter; bake slowly one hour; if baked in open pan, baste

same as turkey.

Slow Cooker Recipes
Quick Breakfast in a Pita

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