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Prepare the dressing as follows: Three coffeecups of bread crumbs,

made very fine; one teaspoonful salt, half teaspoonful pepper, one

tablespoonful powdered sage, one teacup melted butter, one egg; mix

all together thoroughly. With this dressing stuff the body and

breast, and sew with a strong thread. Take two tablespoonfuls of

melted butter, two of flour; mix to a paste. Rub the turkey with salt

and pepper; then spread the paste over the entire fowl, with a few

thin slices of sweet bacon. Roll the fowl loosely in a piece of clean

linen or muslin; tie it up; put it in the oven, and baste every

fifteen minutes till done. Remove cloth a few moments before taking

turkey from oven. A young turkey requires about two hours; an old one

three or four hours. This can be tested with fork. Thicken the

drippings with two tablespoonfuls of browned flour, mixed with one cup

sweet cream.

OYSTER SAUCE TO BE USED WITH THE TURKEY.–Take one quart of oysters;

put them into stew pan; add half cup butter; pepper and salt to taste;

cover closely; let come to a boil, and serve with the turkey and


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