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Drink Recipes

Drink Recipes


Scrape fine two ounces (two squares) unsweetened chocolate. Use

Walter Baker & Co.s No. 1 chocolate. Put into a granite ware pan, add

a small cup or sugar, a pinch of salt, and two tablespoons of hot

water; let this boil, stirring it constantly, until it is smooth and

glossy, like a caramel; then add one large pint of good rich milk, and

one pint of hot water; let this come to a boil, stirring constantly;

add a tablespoon of corn starch dissolved in a little cold milk or

water. When this boils, serve at once, with whipped cream, flavored

with a little vanilla.

If you cannot have the whipped cream, pour your chocolate from one

pitcher into another, or beat with a whisk until frothy. If you have

to use skimmed milk, take more milk and less water. Never omit the

salt, as it is very essential to the flavor.

Drink Recipes

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