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Serves 4

Recipes don’t get much easier on the cook than this. Anne Nesbit developed it for Perdue Farms. One of her jobs as a Perdue home economist was to translate some of the world’s most successful recipes into ones that were both easy to assemble and quick to prepare. “I’m an admirer of simple recipes,” says Anne. “My heart was in this work because I believed in it. People want food that looks good and tastes good, but they don’t have time to put a lot of work into getting there.” I’ve never met Anne, except over the phone, but from this comment, I know I would like her. The recipe isn’t fancy, and it may be old-fashioned, but it’s a treasure when you’re in a hurry.

1 chicken, cut in serving pieces

dehydrated onion soup mix

Preheat oven to 350oF. Roll chicken in dry soup mix, using about as much mix as you would salt. Place chicken in a single layer, skin side up, on baking sheet. Bake, uncovered for 55 to 65 minutes until cooked through.

Chicken Recipes – The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

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Chicken Recipes

Saturday Night Chicken

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Game, Gravy and Garnishes Recipes


Put into a stockpot the bones and trimmings of a fowl
or chicken with a small quantity of stock and boil them. Add flour and
butter to thicken it, and then place the pot on the side of the stove
and let simmer. Stir well and after the gravy has simmered for some
minutes skim and strain it, and it will be ready to serve.

Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper

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Makes 4 packets

The whole picnic meal is ready to serve when these come out of the oven — and there are no portioning and serving problems. Children love this idea. You can also cook this on an outdoor grill.

1 chicken, cut in serving pieces

4 small raw carrots, cut in sticks

4 raw potatoes, quartered

1 teaspoon salt or to taste

1/4 teaspoon ground pepper

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

4 teaspoons butter or margarine

Preheat oven to 350oF. Tear off 4 pieces heavy duty aluminum foil, approximately 18-inches square. Place 1 or 2 pieces of chicken on each piece of foil. Put one carrot and one potato on each piece of foil. Sprinkle salt, pepper and oregano over all. Add teaspoon of butter or margarine to each. Wrap tightly. Bake for approximately 1 hour or until chicken is cooked through.

Chicken Recipes – The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

Copyright (C) by Mitzi Perdue – Used with Permission


Chicken Recipes

Phoenix Arizona Diabetes Expo

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Chicken Vermicelli

Famous Recipe – Chicken Vermicelli


6 pounds skinless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper to taste
2 celery stalks, cut in half
2 onions, 1 halved and 1 chopped
1 (16-ounce) package vermicelli pasta
1 tablespoon margarine
1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
2 cups chopped celery
1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
1 (8-ounce) can mushrooms, drained
1 cup all-purpose flour
4 cups reserved chicken broth
1 (10-ounce) can diced tomatoes and green chilies
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1 cup chopped green onion (scallion)

Preheat the oven to 300°F.

Place the chicken in a large pot, and add water to cover. Add the salt and
pepper, celery stalks, and halved onion; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and
cook for 30 minutes, or until the chicken is done. Reserve the broth,
discarding the celery and onion. Cool slightly; then debone the chicken and
cut into bite-size pieces.

Meanwhile, cook the vermicelli according to the package directions, omitting
any oil and salt. Drain and set aside.
In a large pot, melt the margarine over medium heat, and saute the chopped
onion, green pepper, celery, and garlic until tender. Add the mushrooms.
Gradually stir in the flour, mixing for 30 seconds. Gradually add the
chicken broth, stirring. Add the tomatoes and green chilies, cayenne pepper,
and Worcestershire sauce. Add the chicken and vermicelli, mixing well.

Divide the mixture into two 2-quart shallow casseroles coated with nonstick
cooking spray. Top each casserole with half the Parmesan cheese, parsley,
and green onion, and bake for 20 to 30 minutes, or until thoroughly heated.
Serve immediately.

Nutritional information per serving: Calories 329, Protein (g) 30,
Carbohydrate (g) 30, Fat (g) 9, Calories from Fat (%) 24, Saturated Fat (g)
3, Dietary Fiber (g) 2, Cholesterol (my 74, Sodium (mg)  291 Diabetic
Exchanges: 3 lean meat, 2 starch

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Vegetable Recipes


Wash one cup of rice, rubbing it through
several waters until the water runs clear. Put in porcelain-lined
stewpan with a quart of soup stock and bay leaves and boil twenty
minutes. The stock must be hot when added to the rice. Shake the kettle
in which it is cooking several times during the cooking and lift
occasionally with a fork. Do not stir. Pour off any superfluous stock
remaining at the end of twenty minutes, and set on the back of the stove
or in the oven, uncovered, to finish swelling and steaming. Just before
serving add one cup of hot tomato juice, a quarter cup of butter, a
tablespoon chopped parsley, a dash of paprika, and one tablespoon of
grated cheese. Serve with grated cheese.

Pulled Pork Recipes

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Recipes Tried and True


Take a flank or round steak and pound well; sprinkle with pepper and

salt. Make a plain dressing; spread it on the steak; roll it up; tie

closely, and put in a skillet with a little water and a lump of butter

the size of an egg; cover closely and let it boil slowly one hour;

then let it brown in skillet, basting frequently. When done, dredge a

little flour into the gravy, and pour over the meat.

Pumpkin Shake Recipe

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1 package (8-ounces) spaghetti

Oil for deep frying

Cook spaghetti as package directs. Run cooked spaghetti under cold water; drain. Gently toss spaghetti with a little oil. Over index fingers, fold five or six spaghetti strands in half. Drape folded spaghetti over edge of 7- x 3-1/2-inch sieve, so that loops fall to outside of sieve and ends into center. Continue to place folded spaghetti (5 to 6 strands at a time) around edge of sieve. Intertwine ends of spaghetti in center to form a woven pattern that will make the noodle basket stronger and prevent spaghetti from separating during frying. Extra spaghetti can be added in center of sieve to reinforce pattern. When basket is complete, place another sieve on top to hold in place.

In large saucepan, pour enough oil to cover sieve; over medium-high heat, heat to 375oF or until a small piece of spaghetti sizzles and turns golden when placed in oil. Submerge sieves, with spaghetti between, and deep-fry until noodle basket is lightly browned; remove and drain on paper towels.

Makes 1 large basket or 3 small baskets (4 x 2-1/4)

Note: To make smaller baskets, drape spaghetti over a sieve measuring 4 x 2-1/4-inches; repeat for 3 baskets.

Chicken Recipes – The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

Copyright (C) by Mitzi Perdue – Used with Permission


Chicken Recipes

Quick Chicken Soup with Napa Cabbage

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Dessert Recipes and Sweets


1 quart Milk—4d.

1 tablespoonful Rennet

1 oz. Sugar—1d.


Total Cost—51/2 d.

Time—Two Hours.

Make the milk tepid, stir in the sugar and a spoonful of rennet or a rennet tablet; pour into a dish and stand on the stove till solid. Grate a little nutmeg on top and serve cold. Rennet can be bought at the chemist’s ready for use; but rennet tables, which answer very nicely, can be used instead. These can be bought in many places, and keep good a long time.


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Free Recipes


Grate and chop one pint of young sweet corn; add one egg, well beaten;

one teacupful flour, three tablespoonfuls cream, one teaspoonful salt.

Fry like oysters.

Bikers Against Diabetes

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Vegetable Recipes


Sweet potatoes, like squash and peas, lose a
little of their sweetness in cooking, and when recooked it is well to
add a little sugar. Slice two large cooked sweet potatoes and lay in a
small baking dish, sprinkle with a level tablespoon of sugar and a few
dashes of salt and pepper, add also some bits of butter. Pour in
one-half cup of boiling water, bake half an hour, basting twice with the
butter and water.

Famous Quotes

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