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1 package (8-ounces) spaghetti

Oil for deep frying

Cook spaghetti as package directs. Run cooked spaghetti under cold water; drain. Gently toss spaghetti with a little oil. Over index fingers, fold five or six spaghetti strands in half. Drape folded spaghetti over edge of 7- x 3-1/2-inch sieve, so that loops fall to outside of sieve and ends into center. Continue to place folded spaghetti (5 to 6 strands at a time) around edge of sieve. Intertwine ends of spaghetti in center to form a woven pattern that will make the noodle basket stronger and prevent spaghetti from separating during frying. Extra spaghetti can be added in center of sieve to reinforce pattern. When basket is complete, place another sieve on top to hold in place.

In large saucepan, pour enough oil to cover sieve; over medium-high heat, heat to 375oF or until a small piece of spaghetti sizzles and turns golden when placed in oil. Submerge sieves, with spaghetti between, and deep-fry until noodle basket is lightly browned; remove and drain on paper towels.

Makes 1 large basket or 3 small baskets (4 x 2-1/4)

Note: To make smaller baskets, drape spaghetti over a sieve measuring 4 x 2-1/4-inches; repeat for 3 baskets.

Chicken Recipes – The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

Copyright (C) by Mitzi Perdue – Used with Permission


Chicken Recipes

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