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Famous and not so famous recipes – who are you to decide? Who am I to decide?

Jewish Recipes – Invalid Recipes


Jewish Recipes

Line a basin with a good beef-suet paste, and fill it with chicken,
prepared in the following way: cut up a small chicken, lightly fry the
pieces, then place them in a stew-pan, with thin slices of _chorissa_,
or, if at hand, slices of smoked veal, add enough good beef gravy to
cover them; season with mushroom essence or powder, pepper, salt, and
a very small quantity of nutmeg, and mace; simmer gently for a quarter
of an hour, and fill the pudding; pour over part of the gravy and keep
the rest to be poured over the pudding when served in the dish. The
pudding, when filled, must be covered closely with the paste, the
ends of which should be wetted with a paste brush to make it adhere

Jewish Recipes

Thomas Edison

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