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Bread Recipes


Make a batter using half pound sifted flour and
three good sized eggs with a cupful of milk. This makes a very thin
batter. When smooth and free from lumps, bake in a well buttered frying
pan, making the cakes about eight inches in diameter. As soon as brown
on one side turn. When cooked on both sides remove to a hot serving dish
and sprinkle with sweetened pineapple. Bake the remainder of batter in
the same way, piling in layers with the pineapple between the cakes. Cut
in triangular pieces like pie and serve very hot.

Beef Back Ribs

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Jewish Recipes – Pudding Recipes


Jewish Recipes

Mix into a smooth batter half a pound of flour, four eggs, if intended
to be rich, otherwise two, a pint of milk, and a little salt, it
should be about an inch thick; it can be made with or without milk by
using a greater proportion of eggs, but it is not so good.

Jewish Recipes

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Famous Recipes

Pudding Recipes


Soak one teacup of tapioca in water over night. In the morning, set

one quart of milk in a kettle of boiling water, and let it come to a

boil. Stir the yolks of three eggs into the tapioca, with one cup of

sugar; let it boil a few minutes. Beat the whites of the eggs stiff

and put on the top of the cream. Serve cold.

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