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Poulet a la Napoli

Cut and trim a chicken as for fricassee. Take the wings, drumsticks,
thighs and two pieces of the breast and steep them in cold water half an
hour. Drain and wipe dry and dust over with flour and set aside.

Take the rest of the chicken with the giblets and chop small. With water
let this simmer for two hours, making a strong broth with a little veal
(two ounces or more). Slice an onion into rings which place in the
bottom of a stewpan with an ounce of butter. To this add the meat and
giblets and a pint of white broth. Let all simmer but not boil or let
color. Over this pour common broth until covered and bring slowly to
boiling point. Add a small bouquet of herbs and simmer for an hour, then
strain. Thicken a little and then simmer in this the stalks and peelings
of a quarter of a pound of mushrooms and the chicken that was previously
prepared and dusted with flour. When done strain them and drain the
chicken. Strain the sauce and thicken with flour until it is of the
consistency of a rather thin batter.

Dip the pieces of chicken into the batter until well coated and set
aside until it is cold. Then dip the chicken into well-beaten eggs and
cover with bread crumbs. Let set and then repeat. In hot olive oil fry
the chicken until a golden brown. Serve on a napkin and garnish with
parsley and potatoes Duchesse. Cook the peeled mushrooms in the
remaining sauce before the last thickening, and serve in gravy boat to
pour over the chicken.



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